Applying for state nomination, consulting, processing and submitting Australian migrant visa applications for Business Investment Visa (188, 888, and 132)

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Real Estate

Australian Real Estate investment information are always up to date

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Relationship with investment funds, management and investment on assets, high and safe return on investment

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We provide complete solutions
for all Australian immigration requirements

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Why Australia?

Great Education

Advanced education, all children have compulsory education from grades 1-12 in public schools across Australia

Stable Economy

Sustainable economic development with a transparent business environment

Passport Power

Top 10 most powerful passports in the world, visa-free to 183 countries around the world

Culture Diversity

The country is known as a multicultural and non-racist community

“At AMRC, we believe that our service doesn’t stop with just getting a visa. We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution to our customers through our ongoing support, adapting you and becoming integrated within Australia's social community.

20 years of investment visa experiences

With 20 years of experience specializing in investment visas and cases with high difficulties and complexity

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Strong relationship with state governments

Close relationships with state governments and politicians in Australia, we are able to shorten the guarantee period of individual state government nomination

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Package consulting services

Package consultations include legal advice and business operations consultant from beginning to finish when the client receives a permanent visa

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Business Consultants
Why AMRC Vietnam

We provide high quality services

Apart from our  high success rate in the industry, we provide our clients with the high level of services, including the following:

  • Specialised in Employer Nomination Migration and Business Migration
  • Strong relationship with Australian state governments
  • Ability to obtain a state government nomination in a short period of time
  • Ability to provide business management and consulting services for Australian businesses
  • Professional business background with employer resources from different specialties
  • Experienced in finding employment opportunities for overseas nurses 
  • Completed financial and legal support

At AMRC, we believe that our service doesn’t stop at just obtaining the visa. We pride ourselves on offering a complete solution for our clients through our ongoing support, helping you become integrated into Australia’s social community.

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