About Contributory Parent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 143)

  • The applicant of subclass 143 visa is required to pay for the contributory fees in one installment
  • Visa 143 is an indefinite term. This visa allows Visa holders to enter and stay in Australia permanently
  • The waiting time to process the application can take 14-16 months depending on the specific case
  • To apply for Visa 143, you need to pay the total basic fee to the government of about 47,755 AUD/person

Visa 143 benefits

  • Permanent residence in Australia
  • After 4 years, if meeting the Australian immigration requirements, you can apply for an Australian citizenship certificate
  • In addition, when you own this Visa 143, your parents can also study, work and live in Australia. They enjoy privileges such as: Receive health benefits through Medicare, travel in and out of Australia freely

Visa 143 requirements
(For Parent sponsors)

  1. The first and also mandatory requirement, you must be an Australian citizen
  2. Applicants must have at least 2 years in Australia
  3. You must prove to the Department of Immigration that you have a stable life in Australia
  4. During the identity check, you are allowed to sponsor your parents if most of your family members are living in Australia.
    Example: If your family has 3 children, they must have at least two children living in Australia. If only one person in Australia, the applicant will not be accepted. Similarly, if your family has two children, and only you live in Australia, it has been accepted
  5. If you’re under 18 years old, can you apply for a 143 visa? You don’t need to worry because the Australian Government created a lot of conditions, so you can take your parents to Australia for a family reunion. Instead of receiving sponsorship from you, they can change through the following people:
    • Your husband/wife
    • Your relative or guardian
    • Relatives or guardians of your spouse
    • A community organization

for the guaranteed

  1. Your parents must ensure good health & stability. Unfortunately, your parents are suffering from cancer, diabetes, chronic back pain, white blood, congenital heart,… will not be approved if the cost of treatment is expensive, can’t guarantee enough expenses for treatment and health care
  2. Not on the list of suspects or wanted by an investigative agency
  3. Financial guarantees: Your parents must have a commitment from someone who is willing to provide financial sponsorship for them
  4. Balancing family: There must be enough children to live in Australia 
  5. Relative requirements: Your parents, spouse and any dependents must meet both health and age requirements (Must be 16 years or older)
  6. No Australian government debt: You must ensure themselves and their parents, husband/wife, or those relating to visa Australian parents have no guarantee any debt owed to the government yet. If so, it is important to arrange repayment on time for the Australian government

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