About Investor Stream Visa

Investor Stream Visa (Visa 188B) is settled for the experienced investors or business owner sin Vietnam who are capable of asset accumulation during their trading period

  • Investors need to invest in state government’s bonds of 1,500,000 AUD within 4 years and active trading/investing in Australia by the time of granted visas
  • Investors and members of the family (wife/husband and children under 23 years old at the time of Visa) will be granted temporary residence visa (Visa 188B) for a period of over 4 years, conditional on Visa 888B

Visa 188B Benefits

  • Applicants and family can come to live, study, work and do business in Australia while the visa is issued
  • Applicants’ children are exempt from tuition fees for grades 1 through 12 if they attend public school
  • Enter Australia freely while Visa is valid
  • Opportunity to apply for 888B Visa if all conditions are met
  • Receive annual bonds interest rate and refund in full the investment fund after 4 years

Visa 188B requirements

  • Primary applicant under 55 years old 
  • Nominated by a state or territory government
  • With no less than 3 years investing experience 
  • Applicant and/ or spouse has at least 10% ownership in nominated company within 2 financial year in the past 4 financial years. Or has experience in accumulate profit of 1,500,000 AUD during trading history (including the increment on investment, rental from property development, etc.)
  • Combined business and personal asset of no less than 2,250,000 AUD
  • Invested in state government bonds of 1,500,000 AUD
  • Achieving no less than 65 points in the Business Visa Point Test
  • Demonstrating investment techniques

From Visa 188B to Visa 888B

Conditions for applicants

  1. Settle in Australia for no less than 2 years for a period of 4 years immediately prior to applying for Visa 888B
  2. Maintain investment in designated bonds for no less than 4 years

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